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Modern media can lead to a bad case of information overload. But -silver lining!- it’s great if you have a niche interest you want to explore, such as vintage fashion. There’s so much out there!

Here are a few places I’m finding interesting stuff about the world of vintage right now:

First, a podcast that a customer told me about called Dressed: The History of Fashion. It’s a fashion nerd’s delight, hosted by a couple of young fashion historians and curators who dive deep into fashion geekdom.

Images from the Dressed instagram feed, which correlates with podcast episodes

The Dressed podcast introduced me to British fashion historian Amber Butchart. She has expertise in explaining how clothing, politics, social class and culture intersect, and she looks really fabulous while doing it. Butchart has written extensively about fashion history and can currently be seen in the BBC show A Stitch in Time. This 6 part series looks at clothing depicted in classical artwork. A team of modern craftspeople painstakingly recreate the clothes, then Butchart models them and gives feedback on how they feel when worn. It’s interesting to look at the way clothing of different eras affects the way we move and the way we perceive ourselves. I watch this one on Amazon Prime.

Amber Butchart, a brilliant British historian and turban wearer

One of my personal vintage gurus is Doris Raymond, longtime owner of the legendary Hollywood shop The Way We Wore. Some years back, she was featured on the Smithsonian channel’s LA Frock Stars and currently makes short videos on her Youtube channel . She is incredibly knowledgeable, has a great aesthetic and a warm, engaging style. Her shop is breathtaking, with such a deep trove of outstanding fashion.

Also on Amazon Prime we have season three of The Vintage Voyageur, which is basically a low budget reality show about vintage shopping. The premise is simple: host Allison Maldonado goes to vintage stores in different cities and, well, shops. What she lacks in depth of knowledge, she makes up for it in enthusiasm; she’s practically giddy in her love for vintage. I can (almost) forgive her occasional lapses such as handling fine antique garments with a big open Starbucks latte in her hand, or forcing her feet into too small designer shoes and walking on the back of them (shudder!) because of the absolute joy and fun she brings to this project.

Alison Maldinado, The Vintage Voyageur

What are your current favorite resources for fashion information? Shoot me a message over on my facebook or instagram page and I’ll be sure to check it out.

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