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Vintage Gloves

Ladies gloves, those lovely and impractical things. It is amazing to me that women in the recent past routinely wore them.

A brief history of glove wearing in the 20th century:

During the 1930s, both day and evening gloves were a regular part of a lady’s outfit. Long evening gloves went with the lines of bias cut evening dresses, while shorter gloves (usually white) were worn during the day.

During World War II, raw materials, particularly leather and silk, were dedicated to the war effort. Though gloves were still considered a fashionable accessory, women wore their pre-war leather gloves or made do with practical cotton ones.

Gloves regained  popularity in the post-war 1940s and hit their peak in the 1950s, which was  the last era in which gloves were an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. They were worn everywhere in the 50s and completed a woman’s grooming; without them she was not properly accessorized. Women wore cotton gloves in an array of colors, as well as leather  or the newer nylon ones. In true fifties excess, there were long opera length gloves,  gauntlets with deeply folded cuffs, and ones embellished with embroidery, rhinestones, beads or sequins.

But by the middle of the 1960s, fashion gloves were worn only on very rare occasions.  Gloves became just hand-warmers, rather than the finishing touch to an elegant ensemble.

Here are some of these beauties I have in the shop:

dressy gloves

Dressy gloves…

beaded gloves

with beaded cuff detail

embroidered vintage gloves

Embroidered design

vintage gloves

up close

vintage gloves

Long black gloves with openwork detail

ladies vintage gloves

Some dainty cuff stitching

ladies vintage gloves

more delicate cuff stitching

vintage ladies gloves

Gloves with ruching

vintage gloves

Pretty brown kid gloves with glove clip

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