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Vintage Headbands

Vintage headwear takes many forms; while some pieces cover the head, others are just the mere suggestion of a hat. One very wearable kind of minimal hat is the “beau coif” or whimsy that is a kind of glorified headband.

Right now, these bits of milinary magic look surprisingly modern. Have a look:

vintage statement headbands

The options for embellishment are limited only by the imagination of the hat maker. I’ve seen them done in flowers, feathers or fur. They can feature wide ribbons, veils, rhinestones or metal studs.

They are usually worn right on top of the head, where you would place an ordinary headband, though sometimes they are worn more towards the front hair line.

Here are some headband hats I have in the shop right now. The two on the left are from the 1940s and feature a wider band. In the center are a pair of 50s mink headbands, and on the right, two 1960s flowered fantasies. Fun!

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