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Vintage Wedding: 1920’s Inspiration

Lately, I have had several customers who are planning 1920’s inspired weddings. There is some real romantic drama associated with the era. These brides are all about the lace, the dropped waist and the long pearls.

Here are some vintage photos to get a visual image:

vintage wedding

Looks like a silent screen star wedding

vintage wedding 20's

The turban! The drama!

vintage wedding style

Looong veil, white lilies

vintage wedding 20's

Shorter dress, longer veil, and that crown!

And here is how a few modern couples took the idea of the 20’s and made it look of-the-moment:


Veil, beaded flower and pearls…and a groom that looks like he’s  straight out of the era

Twenties inspired wedding

Wonderful details here

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