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Vintage Crossbody Bags

What creates a trend? I wonder about that when I notice mini trends in the shop. Out of the blue,  a bunch of customers all want the same thing at the same time and I think, Now where’d that come from?

Right now, it’s vintage cross body bags from the seventies. Women in my shop are gravitating to purses with a slim silhouette that are chic in an understated way and maybe have one cool detail.

I think this micro trend is coming from women, not from designers. On the runway, handbags are extreme: they’re big enough to put a toddler in or so minuscule you can’t carry an i phone 6. And there is just too much going on, style-wise.

The bags women are gravitating toward in the shop are simple in design. There’s no fur, no logo, no pompoms, and no craziness. These are cute, practical everyday bags that read as modern and of-the-moment.

An important part of this trend: these bags are hands-free. Unlike a clutch or handbag, vintage cross body bags make sense for everyday wear.


Here’s where the cool factor comes in. The purses women are snapping up have a a touch of funkiness. Like the tortoiseshell patterned patent leather one I sold to a Belgian tourist last week. Wearable yet fabulous.

Here are a few I have in the shop right now:

vintage purse

Purple! Velvet!

vintage purse

Woven leather

vintage purse

Grey envelope

vintage purse

White mesh

vintage seventies handbag

Navy velvet

vintage purse

Embossed and embellished

vintage purse

Camel leather with tassels

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