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vintage bridal headpiece

Vintage Flower Headpieces

Spring here is Florida is a very brief increment of time when it is warm but not hot, before the humidity has surrounded us in a cottony layer of moisture, before the freakishly persistent swarms of mosquitos have descended full force. Spring actually occurred last Wednesday between the hours of 10:20 am and 3 pm.

It was lovely.

On that day, a mother and her two teenaged daughters came into the store. The daughters were clearly miserable to be out of school on a weekday shopping with their mother on the most gorgeous day of the year. Their style brought to mind that girl group The Ronettes, or maybe Amy Winehouse, all bad attitude, teased hair and winged eyeliner. They stood, arms crossed, sighing and eye rolling until the younger and more demonstrably miserable of the two noticed the hats. She sidled over to a display of the most flowery, girly spring ones and surreptitiously began trying some on.

You know those hats-probably from the 1940’s-that fit over the top of the head like a wide headband? They are little confections that are sometimes velvet, sometimes veiled, sometimes floral, always very feminine.

Well this girl, the younger Ronette, who was decked out in Dr. Martins and a heavy metal band tee shirt two sizes too small, looked absolutely fabulous in the floral forties flower headpieces, especially with her highly teased dark hair. And she knew it. She kept trying them on until she was sporting a wide smile. Score.

Here are a few floral headpieces in honor of our brief glorious Florida spring.

vintage floral headpiece

Pretty floral headpiece

vintage floral headpiece

Sort of a hat/headpiece hybrid


Pretty tilted floral confection

flowered headpiece

This one has a veil

1940's floral hat

Here is a more serious one, worn at the back of the head

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