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Vintage Straw Hats

I’ve been doing these occasional posts that show how to wear vintage hats without feeling like a total dork. We’ve looked at the beret, the pillbox and the cloche so far.

The idea here is to keep it easy and wearable, not costume-y. With that in mind, today we are looking at vintage straw hats.

When I say “straw hat”, I’m not talking about a wide floppy brim Coachella neo-hippie hat. I’m talking here about a city hat, one with some structure. There are a few styles of vintage straw hats that are crisper and more tailored, such as the boater (a flat, shallow crown), the Panama (a fuller, rounded crown) and the high crown early 60’s style hat, all with a small to moderate brim.

I’ve been inspired by the blogger Erin over at Calivintage. She wears regularly wears structured straw hats with her crisp, cute linen and cotton outfits and she looks amazing.

wear a vintage straw hat

A vintage straw hat with easy summer pieces

Now, on to my recent week of wearing a straw city hat every day. Let me preface this next section by asking: You’ve seen bad selfies, right?

Well, dear readers, today I have joined the ranks of bad selfie posters. Here’s why: I didn’t want to make a fuss about the whole hat wearing thing. I just wanted to grab a hat, snap a pic and go about my day. The verdict? Comfortable, with a dash of panache.

wear a vintage straw hat

A week of vintage straw city hats

And here are just a few of the summer hats I have in the shop right now:

wear a vintage straw hat

wear a vintage straw hat

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