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Wear a Scarf like Grace Kelly

Want a touch of retro glamor in about 10 seconds flat? Emulate Grace Kelly in a headscarf  and you, too, can look like movie star in the south of France even when you’re heading to Publix to pick up a two-for-one deal on the canned tuna.

First, some images of the movie star princess in Hermes:

Grace kelly in a headscarf

The Impeccable Grace Kelly

And here are some other chic famous ladies flaunting their  European sensibilities with scarves in the early 60’s:

Chic Vintage Celebrities in headscarves

Marilyn, Sofia, Jackie, Liz, Bridgette, Audrey

All you need for this style is a big square vintage scarf.  The yacht and the Alfa Romeo convertible are optional but they really do amplify the look. Also a Prince, an Oscar and your very own tiny country. But I digress.

Get yourself a great vintage silk scarf in a gorgeous print. Fold your big scarf into a triangle and place the folded side up a little on the top of your head, not down low over your forehead, so some of your hair shows. Pass the long ends under your chin, secure with one throw of a knot, then bring the ends around to the back. You want it to look retro-chic, not Queen Mumsy, right? Do this: place your knot asymmetrically, towards one ear. This leaves a short and a long end. For some reason I can’t quite explain, it’s so much better this way. You know what else looks great with this? Big sunglasses and lipstick.

Here are some modern ladies wearing the heck out of some vintage scarves:

Modern ladies in retro chic head scarves

Modern ladies in retro chic head scarves

While I’m sure this doesn’t apply to you, dear reader, headscarves have become the go-to accessory of rehab chic. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton are all rehab and headscarf regulars.

On the surface, the Kelly-style scarf alludes to modesty and a new-found purity in an impure world. It’s prim, repressed Joan Allen in Pleasantville. But look a little deeper and the style has a sense of mystery and an intriguing backstory. It’s one wears after a long night to cover the morning-after weariness, especially when paired with dark glasses.

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