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Why a Beret is the Perfect Starter Hat

You know the concept of a starter house? Like, a first time home buyer looks for a simple way to ease into home ownership. They’re looking for something manageable- a cottage or a townhouse or a bungalow.

I have a friend who tells recently single ladies that they need to have a starter man. Same idea in human form: a perfectly nice guy who may not be the one you live out your sunset years with but he’s great fun and not too big of a commitment.

Let’s expand on this notion. Let’s say you would like to evolve into a hat wearer some day but you kind of want to ease into it. You’re not ready for a feather or a veil or a even a brim. So choose the perfect starter hat: a beret.

They’re so easy to wear. You can just pop one on and not have the nagging thought, Do I look like a dork in this hat?

Here’s the beauty of a beret: there are about 8 zillion ways to wear one. You can wear it slightly back on your head, or tilted to one side. You can tuck your hair underneath, or not. If you have bangs, you can set a beret behind them. They work great with a braid or two. You can pouf them out or flatten them. So easy even a hat newbie can do it.

For inspiration, let’s look at some classic berets worn by famous ladies.

How to wear a beret

Bardot, Bonnie, Bacall, Bianca and the ever wholesome Mary

Now let’s have a look at some modern beret wearersHow to wear a beret

See? The beret is such a chameleon! It’s not just for artists anymore.

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