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Bed Jackets

Oh, to look like ladies in old movies when they are feeling poorly! All coiffed and powdered, sitting up in bed,  tea on a tray, greeting their lovely visitors, all while wearing a bed jacket. Though perhaps not as agitated as Barbara Stanwyck in Sorry Wrong Number (and I love the tray of medicines in the background):

bed jackets in old films

The bed jacket adds to the melodrama

More like this, with a satin headboard and matching tea service:

vintage bedjackets

There’s that tea tray

As we all know, this is what one looks like after giving birth:

maternity bedjackets

Maternity bedjackets

I have quite a few in the shop: quilted, silk satin, knitted…all very stylish. I sold one yesterday that was red and black with a peplum waist. The customer had no intention of lying wanly in bed in that gorgeous jacket.

satin bedjackets

Here is one in satin

bedjacket pattern

Of course, you could always make your own

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