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Bette Davis Eyes


I re-watched the wonderful 1950 movie All About Eve last night. I just love the mature, bitchy, mesmerizing Bette Davis as Margo Chandler. And, eww, that simpering sycophant character Eve, creepily played by Anne Baxter, who schemes to take over Margo’s career and her love life.

It’s the age-old premise: eager young protégée stalking, studying and stealing from her mature mentor. It makes me think of   Dorrie Previn’s Beware of Young Girls,  the true to life story of how Mia Farrow pulled an All About Eve maneuver, wrecking the Previn marriage in the process.

But in the film, Bette Davis prevails at age 40 by playing up her feline allure.  The costumes (by the ubiquitous Edith Head) help Margo by demonstrating her power to a devastating effect. There is a distinct difference between ingenue style and womanly style in this film, showing that youth is not the only source of magnetism.

Bette Davis style

The fierce and fabulous Bette rocks a bow blouse and fur

Bette Davis in All About Eve

Here, she celebrates (some might say gloats) over her engagement to Bill, 8 years her junior, in some funky sheer gloves

movie still All About Eve

Neither her best friend nor her protege can hold a candle to her, style wise


Even Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance as-what else?-a ditzy blonde, played for humor more than allure

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