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20th Century Fashion from Deco to Disco

Dresses by Decade

This might sound just a little bit geeky, but I kind of love how an entire decade can be summed up in a single dress.  People express the way they see themselves and want to be seen by others in their clothing. Then, retrospectively, all the clothes of a time period get whittled down into a single iconic garment.

OK, make that two dresses for the seventies, which was a decade with a dual personality.

Classic flapper fashion

Classic flapper fashion: dropped waist, youthful, iconoclastic 

1930's dress

1930’s: influenced by Hollywood and very body conscious

1940's dress

1940’s: power shoulders, peplum waist, tropical

1950's dress

1950’s “Fit and Flare”: slim waist, full skirt, ultra feminine

1960's dress

1960’s, like the 20’s: boundary-breaking, young, with an undefined waist, but in eye popping colors and patterns

1970's dress

1970’s dress, take 1: Bohemian, hippie, Ethnic, exotic, prairie

1970's wrap dress

1970’s, take 2: the wrap dress, a perfect career woman uniform

1980's dress

1980’s dress: bold, excessive, over the top, and those shoulders

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