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Fall Fashion, Inspired By Vintage Styles

If you were to closely watch the pendulum of fashion, you’d get very dizzy. Modern designers continually draw from the well of the past, dipping into styles of previous decades and combining them with a modern twist. It’s enough to give you deja vu all over again.

With that in mind, I’m looking at the new fall styles. What I’m seeing echoes the vintage clothes I have around me in the shop right now. I’ve got to ask: why not just wear vintage?

The Seven Top Trends for 2017 (that could easily be done with vintage):

  1. 70’s plaids: oversized boxy wool tartans and houndstooth checks
  2. Luxe velvet: just like a young Stevie Nicks would have worn
  3. Silver lame’: metallic shimmery disco fabrics (gold lame’, too)
  4. Power suits: classic 1980’s lady boss jackets with bold shoulder pads
  5. Retro winter hats: 60’s high-crown fur toppers
  6. Vintage floral prints: Yves San Laurent’s 70’s folkloric styles with a touch of old school Ralph Lauren Americana
  7. High waist jeans: non-stretch, light wash straight leg denim
70's plaids for fall 2017

These modern plaids are straight out of a 1977 Seventeen magazine back to school issue

evening velvet

Modern fashion plays with another side of the 70’s: sensual, drape-y evening velvet

silver lame

Of the moment, over the top glam rock silver lame, not for the faint of heart

Power suits

Vintage Armani redux, like Melanie Griffith wore in Working Girl

vintage style fur hats

2017 military revisits early 60’s style bold fur hats

vintage floral prints

Modern romantic vintage-style botanical prints nod to both the 70’s and the 90’s

high waist vintage jeans

High waist vintage jeans, AKA “Mom Jeans”

Author: Winters Past

I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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