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Hair Styles by Era

As I’m thinking about vintage clothing, it’s interesting to picture the hairstyles that were worn with them in each decade.

Here are some of the iconic hairstyles of the 20th century that have names, listed in roughly chronological order:

The Bob:

the bob Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

Finger Waves:

finger wave jean harlow

Jean Harlow

the Victory Roll:

 victory roll

Rolled and pinned

the Snood, the Pompadour,

the Gamine:

Audrey Hepburn gamine

Audrey Hepburn

the Beehive:

Brigitte_Bardot_-_beehive 1962

Brigitte Bardot

the Bouffant, the Vidal Sassoon geometric cut, the Pixie, the Afro, Dreadlocks,  the Farrah and the Rachel.

Here is a wonderful little animated video of 20th century hairstyles done by The Atlantic magazine.

And here is a good little infographic:

history of hair by decade

History of hair by decade

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