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High Rise Trousers

I’ve talked about the fashion pendulum on this blog before. Right now, it’s swinging toward the high waisted silhouette in pants and jeans. Here are some photos of two great high wiasted eras from the past.

First, the forties:

then, the seventies:

You’ve seen girls wearing those vintage super-eighties above the waist jeans, sure. Now take a cue from the forties and seventies and think about  a high-rise flare, or a wide leg; it can be the most flattering shape for someone with curves because it cinches the smallest part of your torso, giving you such a good waist. Have a look:

The key to carrying it off?

Emphasize your waist. Wear a slim cut top, and tuck it in. It’s a great look when the structure of a high-waisted jean is contrasted with a  soft tucked-in blouse. You could also wear a fitted sweater or a cropped jacket with high rise trousers. This may be a good time to add a belt, and  bit of height with higher shoes. The footwear of both great high waisted eras of the past- the 40’s and the 70’s- were platforms. Chunky shoes seem to give a good balance to this look.

Balance the fitted waist with some slouch, maybe even some pleats. Channel your inner Katherine Hepburn and go with trousers with some extra fabric and ease.

One more plus of this style: this look really makes your legs look  longer.


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