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How to Style a Victorian Blouse (and keep it modern)

I’m noticing a new take on a look that has cycled around in various forms for years. I’m talking about white Victorian style blouses, the ones with high necks, ruffles and lace. I have quite a few of them in the shop, mostly from the late seventies and early eighties.

You’ve seen these before. In the past, they’ve been worn in one of two ways.

One option was to give them  a gothic-decadent feel paired with velvet, boots, long nails, bold rings and a deep lip color. Picture a fashion forward vampire or Prince in Purple Rain.

On the flip side, this style of blouse has also played it dainty, sweet and feminine. Think pearls, ballet flats, flowery skirts. I’m definitely not feeling this route currently.

What I’m seeing now is a nice modern take on the Victorian inspired top. When these blouses are juxtaposed with current staples like jeans or trousers and maybe a bomber jacket, they look completely fresh and new. Have a look:

How to style a vintage Victorian blouse

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