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Style Eccentrics

I’m sure you’ve seen the whole capsule wardrobe thing. You know, buy these tops, those bottoms and that pair of shoes. Get minimal, streamlined basics that mix and match, simplifying shopping and dressing. It’s intriguing, for sure.

But it doesn’t leave much room for playfulness, or for those occasional wild flights of frivolous improvisation that makes clothing less  a commodity and more a means of expression.

On the opposite end of the clothing spectrum from the capsule wardrobe concept  we have the Style Eccentrics. They are sensual extremists; they go for maximalism, fantasy and wild impracticality.

Here is a gallery celebrating 100 years of over-the-top ladies. Channel your inner Iris Apfel, pour yourself an absinthe, curl up next to your pet cheetah and have a look at these sartorial creatives.

Marchesa Casati, heiress, muse, and art patroness

(As an aside, who knew those were career options?):

Fashion eccentrics

Aristocratic Decadance

Nancy Cunard, writer, heiress and political activist:

Fashion eccentrics

Wrist to elbow bangles

Peggy Guggenheim, art collector, bohemian and socialite:

Fashion eccentrics

Wacky Modernist (with outrageous sunglasses)

Yma Sumac, Peruvian-American soprano:

Fashion eccentrics

Global Exoticism

China Machado, fashion model, editor and television producer:

Fashion eccentrics

Fearless Elegance

Isabelle Blow, magazine editor and muse of a hat designer:

Fashion eccentrics

Memorable Milinary

Eryka Badu,singer-songwriter, record producer and activist:

Fashion eccentrics

Urban Mystic

Bjork, Icelandic singer-songwriter and actress:

Fashion eccentrics

Playful Experimentation

Lisa Eisner, photographer, writer, publisher and jewelry designer:

Fashion eccentrics

Maximal Accessories

Catherine Baba, costume designer, art director and stylist:

Fashion eccentrics

Turbans and Tassels

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