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That 70’s Blouse

The seventies. It was an amazing time for music, film and TV. It was also The Me Decade, and the era of pet rocks, Pong and quiche.

Let’s reclaim the seventies and declare it The Decade of the Blouse. All hail the variety and creativity of seventies shirts. The colors- Wow! The prints- Pow! The details-Yow!

Known and “secretary blouses”, they are silky, drape-y, colorful and cool. There are button down collared shirts, as well as pussy bows, high necked neo-Victorians and back button wonders.

So, how do you wear a vintage seventies top? With denim, and minimal jewelry, like this:

wear a vintage 1970s blouse

I think I like them best tucked in to the high waist of jeans or a skirt.

wear a vintage 1970s blouse

Tops that were considered dressy the first time around get an update when mixed with casual clothes.

As with all vintage pieces, if you want to look more modern than retro, keep hair and makeup current.

wear a vintage 1970s blouse

These seventies career lady blouses are stylish pieces that are also workhorses, easy to wear and easy to care for. Try a few with your favorite jeans or denim skirts.

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