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The Seventies, Again


Here’s an article in The Times that really encapsulates 70’s style.

The 70’s were a big aesthetic mash-up. There were menswear-inspired suits, coats and hats for ladies.  There was the hippie, bohemian, Ladies-of-the-Canyon vibe. And there was this sense of decadence.

Some aspect of 70’s style seems to be on endless replay in the fashion world.  As the NYT says,  “Most designers now in the driver’s seat had mothers who were at their fashion peak in the ’70s,”

Here are a few style icons of the period: Ali MacGraw, Marissa Berenson, Angelica Huston and Bianca Jagger

ali mcgraw 70's style

Ali McGraw in a turban

marisa berenson 70's style

Marisa Berenson in shocking pink, a color named by her grandmother, Elsa Schiaparelli

 Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston  at the Academy Awards 1975

Anjelica Huston, accessorized by a young Jack Nicholson in 1975


Bianca and Mick


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