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They’re Back: Mom Jeans!

Recently I came across two pairs of 80’s Bongo brand shorts, one in neon orange and one in neon pink. They have those funny paper bag  waists that sort of scrunch out above the belt. They made me laugh (full disclosure: I may or may not have owned something very similar in the New Wave era), so I picked them up for the shop. Younger customers are already showing up in high waisted late 80’s early 90’s jean shorts, so I thought they might appreciate these.

All of which I say as a preface to the idea that Mom jeans are back in style, at least among the very young and very thin. “Mom Jeans”, a term hilariously coined by Tina Fey in her SNL days, are high waisted, all cotton, light wash jeans that are loose in the hips and tapered at the ankle. Basically, they’re the opposite of everything you consider fashionable in a pair of jeans.

This has to do with the inevitable pendulum swing of style. Jeans get lower and darker and stretchier until the most fashion forward among us look fresh and new wearing the exact opposite of what’s in style. Within ten, no five years, we’re all following suit. Mark my words.

stylish mom jeans

Everything old is new again

stylish mom jeans

So why does this outfit of basics paired with these jeans look so modern?

Part of this is a general 90’s revival, along with  the plaid flannel babydoll dress and lace up ankle boots.

Here is a video that shows you how to style your Mom jeans, if you’re so inclined.

Next, I predict the return of The Rachel haircut.  And if you see a Lisa Frank trapper keeper, pick it up for me, will you?

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