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Picture a man in a vintage store, surrounded by retro secretary blouses, rhinestone brooches and clip-on ear rings. It’s a sad image.

One of my goals for Winters Past is to create a mens section: vintage shirts, sunglasses, and boots, plus hankies, lighters, cocktail shakers and vintage car ads. You know, typical retro,  gender-specific guy things.  Oh, I do have cufflinks- some great ones- but  I’d like to have vintage clothes and accessories men can actually wear as an everyday thing.

Yesterday, I started a mens  shirt rack, with a nice selection of vintage sport shirts, snap front western shirts and a few funky polos.

vintage mens sport shirts

The first step to a Winters Past mens section

Here are some of their wonderful labels:

And this funky image:

vintage mens shirt pattern

Vintage mens shirt pattern

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I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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