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Vintage Styling Workshop at Winters Past

And now… some exciting news!

Winters Past will be holding a workshop taught by burlesque dancer and pin up model Angela La Muse ( ). It will focus on vintage styling and, as Miss La Muse says, “how to unleash your inner vintage vixen”.

How to Dress Vintage

So what is modern-day burlesque?

It’s  is the revival and updating of the traditional American burlesque performance, which dates back to the 1860’s. Modern burlesque is playful, with more of a  focus on the “tease” rather than the “strip”  and is more sexy than sexual. These acts tend to put emphasis on creativity, choreography and style.

In modern burlesque, the performer is completely in charge. Many modern burlesque performers feel empowered -not to mention glamorous-when they take part in this vibrant alternative art form.

Angela La Muse, like many burlesque dancers, adopts a style reminiscent of 1940’s movie stars. She has become an expert in vintage hair and makeup as well as clothing.

Here is a bit of her vintage flair, as shown in her publicity stills.

pin up burlesque style

pin up burlesque style

pin up burlesque style

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