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Wear an 80’s Blazer

It was hot and humid here in Florida until two days ago when it dipped down into the 70’s. That’s not exactly crisp autumn weather,  but apparently my customers are optimistically looking forward to cooler days ahead. People are starting to ask  for jackets and sweaters, so I’m going through my stash of vintage toppers, pulling out the best ones to display.

In the world of vintage jackets, you know what’s looking fresh to me right now? Eighties blazers. There is always something slightly “off” (in a fun sort of way) about the proportions: they’re a little bit shrunken, or boldly oversized, the shoulder pads are so dramatic, or they’re super loose and drape-y. Maybe some of them are trying a bit too hard to be an 80’s version of preppy; the madras is a kind of bright or the buttons are over-the-top faux military. Great! This makes them perfect candidates to be your cool weather signature pieces.

Pair one with what you’re already wearing- jeans, of course, a tee or a soft chambray shirt, sure. Simple enough, Now, how about wearing that statement jacket with some high waisted trousers, or a lace mini, or a leather pencil skirt? Yes, please.

Now play a little: roll up the sleeves, or push them up Miami Vice style. Try adding a big scarf or a fur collar, draped over the shoulders. Or a cross body bag, or a hat, or a statement necklace. or a big brooch on the lapel. You get the idea.

Keep your hair unfussy and the whole thing reads as very modern.

how to wear a vintage blazer

how to wear a vintage blazer

how to wear a vintage blazer

how to wear a vintage blazer

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