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70’s Jewelry Trends

Today, I’m going on (and on!) about seventies costume jewelry.

This is because I made up a display of seventies necklaces yesterday, which gave me some time to think about them, style-wise. Here’s what I came up with:

The Seventies were all over the map, fashion wise. It was the decade that gave us Cher, Liza Minelli, Joni Mitchell and Farah Fawcett. The nexus of style migrated from movies to music. The boundaries between high fashion and street wear blurred, as did a whole bunch of other boundaries.

Costume jewelry, as the adornment of everyday women, combined some wildly divergent styles during that era.  These influences all got kneaded together and synthesized  into something that your mom might wear to work or to the PTA meeting.

seventies jewelry

Glamorous jewelry, made for an office worker in a polyester dress

According to me, the four main fashion personas of the seventies are:

The Glamour Queen:

Glam Rock, Disco, Studio 54, David Bowie, tube tops, sequined halter tops, Spandex, maxi dresses with thigh high slits, platform shoes

The Gypsy Princess:

Ethnic/ tribal influences, Native American looks, exotic, Marrakesh, India, leather, turquoise, fringe, gauze, headbands

The Career Lady:

Diane von Furstenberg, Mary Tyler Moore, Dress for Success, Halston, pant suits, bow blouses, fitted blazers

The Prairie Girl:

Ladies of the Canyon, Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt , Laura Ashley, romantic silhouettes, floral prints, Edwardian-style dresses, floppy hats

seventies jewelry

Seventies trends, tamed

These were translated into mainstream jewelry trends that included:

Soft polished golds and silvers.

Geometric shapes

Textured pendants on long chains

Oversized stones

Collar necklaces

Colorful resins and enamel accents with movable parts

Stud earrings and oversized “door knocker” earrings.

The animal kingdom: owls, butterflies, big cats, and turtles

Natural elements like wood, shells, stones, feathers, Indian beads and leather

Golden chains, gold-button earrings and rhinestone clips

seventies jewelry

Exoticism, translated for the country club set

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