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Art Deco, Egyptian Style

I found a wonderful brooch last week. It is round, bronze, and features some amazing cloisonné work. The image, a winged scarab beetle, is intricately rendered. This lead me to research the Art Deco Egyptian revival style.

I learned that the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 spawned a worldwide fascination with all things Egyptian. Egyptomania, as it came to be known, spread this imagery throughout the western world, making its themes popular in the decorative arts and design. The vocabulary of ancient Egyptian art was interpreted and adapted in the language of Art Deco, the popular style of the era.

The Egyptian influence was considered exotic: it held the allure of ancient opulence in a foreign culture with mysterious symbols. Egyptian revival designs used amulets like the eye of Horus, symbolizing healing and protection; scarabs and lotus flowers representing rebirth and resurrection; and the Ankh, meaning  eternal life, as inspiration. Other jewelry featured carved hieroglyphics, pharaoh’s heads, sphinxes, obelisks pyramids and palm trees.

The brooch I found uses uses enamel inlays in rich, gorgeous colors to showcase the Egyptian Deco style. Here are a few more I found around the web:

Art Deco Egyptian revival jewelry

Art Deco Egyptian revival jewelry

Art Deco Egyptian revival jewelry

Art Deco Egyptian revival jewelry



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