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How to Wear Vintage Dress Clips

Have you ever come across a vintage piece of jewelry with a clip like this and wondered what it was?

vintage dress clips

“What the what is this?”

Wonder no more! These are dress clips, a type of brooch that doesn’t have a pin back. ┬áThese are very cool pieces of jewelry with no modern equivalent.

You can put them on basically anything. They latch onto a lapel of a shirt or jacket, or onto a fur, shoe, glove, ribbon, hat, handbag strap or lock of hair. Heck, you might could even put one on your pit bull’s collar.

Here’s how the swell ladies wore them back in the 1930’s and 1940’s:

wearing vintage dress clips

Ava Gardner, Carole Lombard, Wallis Simpson, Coco Chanel, Agnes Moorehead, Bette Davis

Dress clips allows you to  sparkle in an unexpected manner; they let you adorn yourself in an out-of-the-ordinary way

Here’s how some modern ladies (including the broochtastic SJP) wear them:

wearing vintage dress clips

Some thought about how to wear these versatile pretties:

  • Use dress clips to accentuate your collar points
  • Put them on on sweetheart or square necklines
  • Wear them with a scarf, shawl or a wrap
  • Clip one onto a belt or waistline
  • Pair one with a chain or ribbon to create a choker / necklace
  • Clip one or two onto a headband to make a gorgeous head piece
  • Adorn a low cut dress back with one or two

And here are a few I have in the shop right now:

wearing vintage dress clips


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