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Pin a Brooch on your Coat

Wearing vintage can be about finding that one cool thing that elevates your everyday modern clothing. This singular piece can be anything you fancy, from a silk scarf to an alligator bag. One super simple way to add some vintage spark to your basics is with a vintage brooch. Personally, I’m on a quest to bring back the brooch, one lapel at a time. To that end, I’ve blogged a TON about brooch wearing, such as:

here, where I exhort you to pin one on your jean jacket, here, where we talk about wearing three brooches at a time, here, where we look at some modern ladies brooching it up, here, where I pin them on any article of clothing I get my hands on, here where we crown Sarah Jessica Parker the queen of all brooch wearers, and here where we explore the summer brooch. Whew!

But wait, there’s more! Today, let’s take our warm coats and jackets from drab to fab with a single stroke of genius, the vintage brooch. It looks like this:

Today, let's take our warm coats and jackets from drab to fab with a single stroke of genius, the vintage brooch.
The vintage brooch gives a chic, modern touch to outerwear

The coats here are classic and tailored while the brooches inject a bit of style into what could be a cookie cutter look.

wear a vintage brooch on your coat
Try one or two brooches placed high on the lapel or shoulder

A pin is a very functional kind of jewelry; it’s not at all distracting once you put it on. There’s no jangle or clank. It doesn’t sit right next to your skin so you aren’t aware of it as you go about your day. The brooch, that unsung hero of the jewelry box, quietly goes about its job of being a signature accessory without fanfare.

A small collection of vintage brooches will give you options, from whimsical to elegant and everything in between.

A single vintage brooch will add spark

So choose your brooch. It can be bold or dainty, shiny or matte, abstract or figural. Just pin it on and go!

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I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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