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Pools of Light

I have this very cool pendant in the shop and I wanted to learn more about it. It’s called Pools of Light, a type of crystal that will magnify and refract an image so that it appears larger and upside-down. The  spherical shape and highly polished surface gives these orbs wonderful optical effects. These crystal balls handle light in much the same way as convex lenses do. They are solid rock quartz, which is heavier, harder and naturally colder than glass.

Pools of Light jewelry was very popular starting around the Late Victorian era and into the 20’s. The supply of these orbs seemed to exhaust itself around the 1930’s.

The story is that “Pools of Light” originate from the Northern slope of Mount Fujijama where they eroded in springtime due to the alternating freezing and thawing conditions. They found their way into the spring beds and over a period of years they washed down the mountainside, tumbled smooth by their journey. They were then finished by lapidaries in the city of Kofu and  painstakingly handset by jewelers.  Most crystals are faceted, which conceals any internal inclusions; round rock crystals are flawless.

Pools of Light jewelry is characterized by perfect transparent spheres of rock crystal quartz. These crystal balls were believed to have mystical properties and to bring the wearer good luck. The spheres were never drilled through the center for stringing as beads, but were set into jewelry with attachments to the outside so that they remain whole. As the lore goes, the perfect sphere captured energy — if drilled through, the good luck/energy would escape. These crystals are also worth far more if they are not drilled, as this would affect the way the beads catch the light.

pools of light rock crystal necklace

Pools of light rock crystal necklace

pools of light rock crystal necklace

Pools of light necklace, viewed from the top

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