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Silver Rings


Silver rings are the single most popular type of jewelry in the shop right now. Among silver rings, the vintage sterling with turquoise is the favorite. I think people feel more comfortable with older turquoise since modern pieces are often not of the same quality. While there is lovely genuine turquoise jewelry being made now, some modern “turquoise” is really white howlite dyed blue or green, while other pieces are are turquoise dust held together with resin. The worst of the bunch is just plain plastic, albeit with a natural looking fake matrix. Given those options, vintage is often the best choice.

Other than turquoise, people are really digging the red coral, black onyx, malachite and mother of pearl rings, in that order.

So I’ve been out and about for a while now,  looking for silver rings.

Here’s some of what I’ve found, with lyrics from the song Turquoise Jewelry  by Camper Van Beethoven:

vintage silver rings

Come down from your treehouse condominium

silver and turquoise malachite onyx

Stop driving around in that station wagon with the wood on the side

indian silver ring

Take off that jumpsuit. You look like Grace Slick.

Turquoise jewelry

Take off your turqouise jewelry

Indian turquoise jewelry

Shake your medicine rattle

Vintage Indian silver jewelry

Fill a sock with an herb

silver rings

Put on your fringe skirt and come sit down next to your old man, he’s hankering’ for some company

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