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Squash Blossom


Vintage squash blossom necklaces. I’ve had them in the back of my mind for a long time, but lately is seems like they are having a resurgence.

In the shop, silver and turquoise is a super popular combination in rings and bracelets. I’d love to venture into squash blossoms, and I’m reading more about them and talking to vendors who deal in Native American jewelry before I purchase some. I’m learning to recognize Zuni, Navajo and Hopi metalwork. I’ve learned a bit about their history, and about how to approximate the age of a piece. I’m even trying to recognize the different types of turquoise, based on color and markings.

The squash blossom necklace and I go way back. When I was in middle school (or Junior High, as it was known in the dark ages), in Pittsburgh, there was this impossibly chic girl named Deanna Lami. She always seemed to know about all kinds of cool things like music, cars and awesome clothes way before anyone else. One September, she showed up for school after a summer spent in some impossibly exotic locale like New Mexico or Arizona, wearing a full squash blossom necklace. She wore it nonchalantly, with an untucked wrinkled chambray shirt and white jeans and I was completely enthralled.

I’d love to wear one myself.

The thing is, I never wanted to look like this:

vintage squash blossoms on cher

Sonny and Cher in matching necklaces

or this:

vintage squash blossom

“Half Breed”

I much prefer this, though I’d probably skip the other turquoise pieces:

modern girl vintage squash blossom

A modern girl wearing a vintage squash blossom

Here’s a super casual version:

modern girl vintage squash blossom

with a black tee shirt

And here is an oversized one in coral. Looks good, no?

modern girl vintage squash blossom

Big, bold and pretty

And this is the coolest pic yet. I love the whole thing: hair, glasses, lipstick, clothes, and that necklace.  Perfect!

vintage squash blossom necklace

Nice understated  retro  outfit with a Native American necklace

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