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Vintage Bling

There is a really gorgeous group of necklaces I have in the shop.

vintage blue rhinestone necklace

These are fabulous vintage costume jewelry sets that have faceted glass beads, art glass, rhinestone encrusted balls and aurora borealis crystals that glitter and flash when light hits them. They are spectacular, but what are they?

vintage blue rhinestone necklace

I asked Sheila, the previous owner of my shop about them, and this is her take:

I believe the pink set goes back to the 40’s or earlier, and is a combination of various art glass beads (I would guess Czech or German) and the gorgeous rhinestone studded beads.  This necklace is the most beautiful I have seen and is all original.  It is very much in keeping with high end designers like Hobe, Caviness, Haskell or Robert.  When I first saw it I looked everywhere for a signature, for I was just certain it was a Hobe. I have never seen one so beautiful in such good condition, and so long!

pink vendome necklace

More art glass and rhinestone beads, this time in pink

vendome necklace

More pink loveliness

The second pink set is marked Vendome, which set me on a path to research that brand. I learned that it was an offshoot of Coro, a popular name in American costume jewelry.  Vendome was introduced in 1944 and was the top of the Coro line. These were over the top gorgeous pieces using the best materials and craftsmanship. The clarity and brilliance of the stones and top quality metalwork combined in exuberantly expressive designs. This jewelry exemplifies the quality of high end mid century costume jewelry.

This is serious bling!

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