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Wearing Vintage Statement Earrings in a Modern Way

This is Jenny Walton.

She’s an illustrator, a fashion stylist and she’s a vintage earring savant. Behold:

Wearing vintage statement earrings

Wearing mostly vintage pieces, including statement earrings

In fact, her take on vintage is absolutely on-point. She offers a fresh new way of combining eras, deftly pairing vintage with modern.  She accessorizes with a few signature pieces including a swoon-worthy collection of vintage earrings.

vintage statement earrings

That touch of bling makes the whole outfit sing

vintage statement earrings

Wearing vintage statement earrings in a very modern way

Here’s what Jenny has to say about her style:

“You shouldn’t be afraid to wear crystals during the day—they’re good for taking something casual to a much more special place.” 

“The bigger the earring, the better! Longer styles draw attention to that space between your jawline and your shoulders (which is quite flattering).” 

“It’s OK to be obvious and pair sparkle with a little more sparkle.” 

“These big round baubles are even more fun when you pair them with other exaggerated shapes” 

Jenny tends to pull her hair into a simple bun to better focus on her lovely lobes.

If you’re ready to try some bold vintage earring, here are just a few lovelies I have in the shop right now:

vintage statement earrings

vintage statement earrings

vintage statement earrings

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