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Rhoda Morgenstern is my Spirit Animal

How many TV sitcom “best friend” characters can you name? Now, how many of them are as memorable, stylish and interesting as the big name? Here’s my pick: Rhoda Morgenstern, Mary Tyler Moore’s cool, funky upstairs neighbor. Mary and Rhoda epitomized two sides of seventies fashion. Midwestern Mary rocked her ladylike career separates while New Yorker Rhoda wore a bold and fun neo hippie mix.

What are the hallmarks of  Rhoda’s artistic 70’s style? First and most memorable are scarves in wonderful patterns tied low on the forehead, turban style. She wore lots of color (especially red), patterns, draped fabrics, tunics, layers, ethnic influences, bohemian overtones, and lots and lots of jewelry.

Rhoda Mrgenstern style maven

Rhoda Morgenstern, style maven, shows us how to wrap and tie a scarf

Rhoda Morgenstern in her signature scarves

She mixed patterns fearlessly

style tips from Rhoda Mrgenstern

Two very stylish ladies, two great dresses, two aspects of 70’s fashion

Rhoda Morgenstern in a Mexican dress

Rhoda does ethnic, this time in a Mexican dress

Here is an elegant evening look. In keeping with her overall style, it features draped fabrics and great jewelry, including carved bakelite bangles.

Rhoda Morgenstern

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