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The internet. It’s either the  great democratic equalizer, giving everyone a voice, or its the death of civilization as we know it.

From a personal style perspective (and from the standpoint of this blog, the entire world comes down to vintage fashion), I’m going for the first option.

I’m inspired by the looks I see in blogs and in independent media. When it come to wearing vintage, there are a few camps. One is the all-vintage head to toe approach. That’s a subject for another day.

Today I’m focusing on women who mix in vintage with modern and have a well defined, recognizable (and very fun) sense of style. Here are a few ladies who are  inspiring my style choices these days. Also, I like style that involves comfortable shoes.

First up, Amy Karol, who blogs at

As an artist, craft book writer and  home-schooling mother of three, Amy’s got a love of fabric, color and retro 50’s-early 60’s style that’s casual and pretty.

vintage style inspiration from bloggers

Vintage style #1: Lets call it Seattle-based home schooling crafty indie mom style

Next we have  Aussie blogger Lilli over at 

She’s a book editor working in publishing and she has a cool modern librarian vibe. She sews and crafts some of her own pieces that she mixes with 1950s vintage. Lilli has a good sense of her body proportions and of how she wants to be seen.

vintage style inspiration from bloggers

Vintage style #2: Crafty cute bookish style nerd with womanly curves

Moving on, here’s the fabulous Latonya Yvette, who blogs at

Full disclosure: my daughter interviewed her for Bust magazine. She’s got a fabulous mix of eras worn with modern accessories and a spot-on sense of color. Those yellows! Swoon.

vintage style inspiration from bloggers

vintage style #3: Brooklyn based creative with a bold use of color & a killer indie style

For some West Coast wonderfulness, here is Erin Perez Hagstrom at

Erin gravitates toward natural fibers, mostly solid colors and hats. She goes for clean lines and crisp silhouettes and seeks out high waists and trapeze cuts, all worn with her signature bangs.

vintage style inspiration from bloggers

vintage style #4: So Cal natural minimalism with a 90’s vibe

Next up, Catherine Summers, who blogs at

She’s a red haired Brit who’s preferred vintage era is the seventies. Her blog has the the tag line, Who wants to be “age appropriate” anyway? Certainly not me! Catherine does break the comfortable shoe rule, but she gets a pass on that one.

vintage style inspiration from bloggers

vintage style #5: Fearless mix-and-matcher with a grown up playful feel

Here’s one more, this time not a blogger. This is the lovely singer and pianist Regina Spektor, a Russian-born New Yorker. She wears true vintage in a light hearted, dreamy way.

Indie fashion using vintage

vintage style #6: Fashion perestroika mixes Cony Island kitsch with classic forties frocks


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I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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