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Two Sides of 80’s Fashion From Stranger Things

It’s not often that I’m in sync with the cultural icons of the moment. But when it comes to the Netflix series Stranger Things, hey, count me in!

This show has no shortage of strong, powerful girls, which is part of it’s charm for me. And Wynona Ryder as the single mom who won’t give up on her son? I can’t look away.

Now let’s look at the inspiring 80’s fashion two of these girls wear. I want all of their clothes along with their fearlessness.

First, it’s brainy, brave Nancy, queen of the pullover sweater. She personifies a very 80’s take on the classics.

Nancy Wheeler Does the 80's

Let’s see, we’ve got dainty jewelry, crew necks, bows, rounded collars and a spectacular use of the scrunchie.

While Nancy has a very girlie look, skater girl Maxine, AKA Mad Max, brings another view of 80’s style.  She’s got that cool California tomboy vibe:  slightly baggy light wash jeans, colorful Vans sneakers, and sporty zip-up jackets. Oh, and stripes — lots of stripes.

Mad Max's 80's style

Max pairs her denim with color, especially primary-hued jackets and bright striped shirts and sneakers. Perfect attire for fighting monsters, bad men and evil government liars.

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