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Vintage Reruns

There is a school of thought that says, If you were old enough to wear shoulder pads in the eighties, you can never wear them again.

People who come up with fashion “dont’s” clearly have too much time on their hands.  Really, there is no should when it comes to personal style.

If  midi skirts or aviator glasses or shoulder pads out to here worked for you in the past, why wouldn’t they work for you again?

Of course, you’ll choose pieces that work with the body you have now, not the body you had the first time around.

Here are some photos of stylish ladies who embrace the fashion rerun.

First up, the aforementioned shoulder pads in a bright purple vintage eighties dress. Wider shoulders give this dress some structure and allows the fabric to flow from them and drape gracefully.  I like how she’s paired it with a wide contrasting eighties belt. Perfection!

vintage eighties dress worn belted

Viva la vintage rerun!

Here we have another eighties dress, this time in a fun but understated fruit print. The draped bodice and flow-y cut is a flattering and womanly design popular during that decade.

vintage floral dress

There’s more ohh la la than deja vu in this outfit

Next, an early sixties redux,worn by a lady who may have worn a very similar outfit fifty years ago. She has chosen to emphasize her great legs but balances it by covering up elsewhere. And her hat! The best.

wonderful sixties vintage hat

They’re called classics for a reason.

The fuchsia tressed lovely below really rocks her vintage denim midi and angora pullover. The skirt’s center slit is a playful contrast to the mid calf length. I also like a longer jean skirt worn with boots or platforms.

vintage denim skirt

Wear it again, Sam.

When you revisit the clothing from a decade you’ve already lived through, your  modern hair, glasses and accessories will keep the whole look rooted in the present.

The rerun can be very fun!

Author: Winters Past

I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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