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Random Snail Mail

Owning a shop, particularly a vintage shop,  is an interesting thing. I have all sorts of conversations in the course of a day.

Another cool  thing: sometimes I get letters and packages from people who have been in the shop or who have come across it on line.

A few months ago a wonderful (and wonderfully talkative) elderly lady came into the store and randomly started telling me about persimmon pudding. She told me how she likes to pick the wild sour persimmons and how they make the best pudding.

Then, a few days ago, out of the blue I received this in the mail:

winters past

winters past

It’s the persimmon pudding recipe, used for “over 50 years”!

Once a customer came in and asked if I had any old buttons. I do have a box of them, mostly ones I’ve removed from clothing that could not be salvaged. Turns out she was absolutely passionate about buttons: collecting, displaying, learning about and sharing her knowledge of them. She was actually on her way to a button convention when she made a detour in Micanopy.

Some time after her visit, I received this:

winters past vintage micanopy florida

Three gorgeous vintage Bakelite buttons and a sweet note.

Another time I unexpectedly received this box:

winters past vintage micanopy florida

Inside were some vintage aprons, gloves, scarves and this lovely painted clutch bag, all sent anonymously.

One day last year the mail carrier brought a box with two pairs of infant shoes inside, one pink, the other blue. It came with a note that only said  “I found you on the web pages.”

winters past vintage micanopy florida

One of my more surprising  envelopes contained only a pair of vintage silk thigh high stockings but no note:

winters past vintage micanopy florida

Unexpected mail is the best kind, especially when it contains unexpected treasures.

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I am a vintage clothing shop owner living and working in rural north Florida. I believe in adding a little vinegar and molasses to my greens, having my coffee outside whenever possible, and mixing something vintage into every room and every outfit.

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